Monday, December 26, 2011

Other Cases of Men Who Kill Their Wives

For extra reading here are a few other cases of men who kill their wives that are not associated with the movie or the story above on which the movie was based. 

Ohio 1996

  In 1996 Jenifer Mccrady was missing. According to her husband, police officer Jack Mccrady II, he returned home, and Jenifer was nowhere to be found. The only items that he found were her wedding band, her luggage and some photos. Police did not suspect foul play in the beginning. Only a few days later her car was found in a parking lot. There were no signs of a struggle. Crime scene technicians processed the scene, but it did not seem as though a crime had taken place.  It seemed as if she had just left town. Close friends and family knew that something had happened to her. They agreed that she would never leave her children. She had spoken to friends about problems in the marriage.  State Trooper Jack Mccrady had recently filed for divorce. During the investigation a woman came forward stating that she had seen a patrol car in a remote area, and that for some reason it struck her as very strange. Police officers investigated the location and found a mound . Once the mound was unearthed a foul odor emerged, and they found the remains of Jennifer Mccrady. The body was clothed in pajamas. She was shot in the head. Her husband Jack Mccrady was a suspect in her murder. The officer was placed on leave. A search of their home uncovered a revolver. The same type used to kill his wife. They also found dirt covered shovels. Forensic examiners found that the fibers from the home matched the fibers found at the scene, which indicated that she was murdered in her home.  An examination of the soil found on the shovels and the samples taken from the grave site matched. Ohio State police officers arrested Officer Jack Mccrady for the murder of his wife. He is currently serving out his sentence in prison.