Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hawthorn Slaying ( Son in Law has Mother in Law Murdered)

Notes On the Day of the Murder of Catherine Stroup
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

Remember in the movie where the mother is seen arguing with someone, and a neighbor passes by to hear the commotion? Well, in the real story this argument was really between Cathy and her son earlier in the day. And it was actually the maintenance man who heard the fight. Later on that evening the next door neighbors, also having heard the fight, began to hear more commotion, such as thumps and bumps against the wall, and scuffling. It would later be known that this was the actual murder taking place. They used a heart shaped pillow from the house to muffle the sound of the gunshot. Stroup later returned home after drinking some shots of alcohol at a bar nearby only to find his wife murdered. He ran to tell some of the neighbors that his wife had been shot, but they misunderstood him to say that he shot his wife. This is how he ended up being arrested and convicted of the murder. After he was acquitted, Sherryl would ask "if it wasn't you then who could it have been?" He responded that he did not know, but he would not rest until he found out. Afterward, all kinds of weird things began to happen. His whole collection of guns was stolen. One ended up in a pawn shop, which indicated that Seawright had something to do with it. Seawright became even more estranged and began staying more in his trailer that was somewhat isolated from the main city. (this is the inspiration for the cabin scene in the movie) As far as the making of the movie, Jim Stroup and his daughter, Sherryl had the chance to speak with the writers of the movie. They both told there side, and were both equally shocked at the outcome of the movie. Each was paid $3,500 for the movie.

Life since Cathy's death and the making of the movie

James Stroup has been married a few times. He is now married to a very nice Spanish lady. They live in California. Catherine Stroup aka Cathy was his second wife, and his third wife died of gallbladder surgery. He is not in the best of health, but he his very happy with his newest wife. His son and has been in and out of trouble. And his daughter Sherryl lives in Vegas somewhere and works for a gas station...or it at least that is what he heard last.

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