Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pomona County Superior Court Murder Case

A Brief Timeline in the Murder Case of Catherine Stroup

April 5, 1983 Catherine Stroup is found Dead

July 1984
Allen Leach, 22, and Paul Curtis Leach, 21were arraigned on murder charges surrounding the murder for hire plot of the Hawthorne woman.

October 1988
The son in law, Michael Seawright, is implicated in the murder for high scheme. He is not officially charged at this time.

Peter Leach, the triggerman, is convicted

April 1992
Michael Seawrights murder trial begins after 9 years. He was considered the mastermind of the plot.

July 1992
The jury is deadlocked at first. The trial then ends with a hung jury. The Prosecutors decide to try the case again.

June 1993
The case goes back to trial

August 1993
Michael Seawright is finally convicted and sentenced to life in prison

Extra Tidbits
The murder happened at 3555 W. Rosecrans Ave.

Peter Leach held a heart shaped pillow to muffle the sounds when he shot Catherine

The trial was held in Pomona Superior Court

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